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YOU: "Hello, I would like to talk to Mrs/Mr MEP, please."
Assistant: "Mrs/Mr MEP is not available, I am her/his assistant. Can I help you?"
YOU: "I am MyName, calling from MyCountry, I am very much concerned about the Gallo Report currently being discussed and voted by the end of the week. I'd like to ask your MEP to vote for the alternative report."
Assistant: "I see. We had calls before. I have no time."
YOU: "It is very important! The Gallo report pushes industry interests, while harming society at large. The proposed measures fail to address the real problem of counterfeit goods that harm consumers, while they would harm the economic growth driven by the internet."
Assistant: "Gallo report is a non-legislative report. There is nothing to be afraid of."
YOU: "It replies to a communication by the Commission and one by the Council that both agree to go further on the path of dangerous, blind repression, by creating private copyright police of the Net."
Assistant: "Online piracy causes jobs losses in Europe!"
YOU: "The industry-funded Tera study that was used to demonstrate job losses is completely biased. I will send you documents proving that, as well as independent studies demonstrating the opposite. Mrs/Mr MEP is certainly concerned about the EU economy. It is important to defend the Internet innovative ecosystem that is creating many jobs, while some industries are not willing to adapt to the new digital environment."
Assistant: "Mrs/Mr MEP will follow the party voting recommendation."
YOU: "The fundamental rights of european citizens and the future of the european economy are at cross-roads, it's your MEPs choice whether we continue on the path of innovation or if we turn back and let other nations overtake the EU."
Assistant: "Mrs/Mr MEP will follow the party voting recommendation."
YOU: "Please ask Mrs/Mr MEP to support the alternative report instead of the Gallo report."
Assistant: "I'll tell Mrs/Mr MEP."YOU: "Thank you very much for listening to me. I'll call you again shortly to know what he/she thought. Have a good day."