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From Prince's "Batdance":
  • Don't stop dancing!
  • 農協牛乳!
  • Nokyo Gyunyu!
  • (JA Milk! [a popular brand of milk])

From Metallica's "Enter Sandman":

  • 'Til the sandman he comes...
  • 千代田生命に行こう!
  • Chiyoda Seimei ni ikou!
  • (Let's go to Chiyoda Life Insurance!)

From Sean Paul's "Fire Links Intro":

  • Mayday! [...] Dutty [...] Sean Paul! This one is hot!
  • 目痛い! [...] どっち? [...] シャンプー! リンスは無いさ!
  • Me itai! [...] Docchi? [...] Shanpū! Rinsu wa nai sa!
  • (My eyes hurt! [...] Which one? [...] The shampoo! There isn't any more hair conditioner!)

From Wu-Tang Clan's "Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber":

  • Yo Meth! hold up, hold up, yo Meth! Where my Killer tape at ya?
  • 嫁! ホラホラ 嫁! フマキラー付いてるよ!
  • Yome! Hora hora yome! Fumakirā tsuiteru yo!
  • (Daughter-in-law! Hey hey daughter-in-law! You've got Fumakilla [a Japanese brand of insecticide] stuck to you!)

From Micheal Jackson's "Ghosts":

  • Because now it's on me [...] Don't understand it. Ow!
  • びっくりしたオバサンに [...] どんなのしてんだ? 青!
  • Bikkurishita obasan ni [...] Donna no shitenda? Ao!
  • ([I said] to a surprised older woman [...] What kind are you wearing? Blue!)

From Jim Croce's "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown":

  • Meaner than a junkyard dog
  • 二度目の東京ドーム
  • Nido me no Tōkyō Dōmu
  • (Tokyo Dome a second time)

From The Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand":

  • I want to hold your hand
  • アホな放尿犯
  • Aho na hōnyōhan
  • (Idiotic public urination ["hōnyōhan" is a legal term for the crime])

From Emerson, Lake & Palmer's "Benny the Bouncer":

  • He'd slash your granny's face up given half the chance
  • 久しぶり そいつはゲイだ なぁ部長
  • Hisashiburi soitsu wa gei da na buchō
  • (Long time no see; that guy's gay, isn't he, boss?)

From Scorpians "You Give Me All I Need":

  • You give me all I need
  • 雪見オナニー
  • Yukimi onanī
  • (Watching snow and masturbating)

From Filippa Giordano's "Casta Diva":

  • A noi volgi, a noi volgi (English: Turn to us, turn to us)
  • あの イボ痔 あの イボ痔
  • Ano iboji, ano iboji
  • (Um, I have hemorrhoids; um, I have hemorrhoids)

From the Gipsy Kings' "Bem, Bem, María":

  • No te vayas / vuelve ya / tú no me dejas / tú no me digas (English: Don't go away / come back now / you don't leave me / you don't tell me)
  • あんたがた ほれ見ぃや 車ないか こりゃ まずいよ
  • Antagata, hore miya, kuruma naika. Korya mazuiyo.
  • (Hey guys, look here, the car's gone. Oh, that's bad.)

From Mudhoney's "Here Comes Sickness":

  • There goes sickness! There goes sickness! There goes sickness, in my daddy's car!
  • レンコン好きです! レンコン好きです! レンコン好きです! 今 誰っすか?
  • Renkon suki desu! Renkon suki desu! Renkon suki desu! Ima daressu ka?
  • (I love lotus roots! I love lotus roots! I love lotus roots! Just now, who was that?)

From the ' Red Hot Chilli Peppers"Suck My Kiss":

  • Should have been, could have been, would have been
  • 白便 黒便 和田勉
  • Shiro ben, kuro ben, Wada Ben
  • (White excrement, black excrement, Ben Wada)