Tuesday, 30 November 2010

What is the best way to kill a snake?

I need to kill a snake, and I’m afraid to get close enough to kill it.

LadyRebecca Says:
Why do you need to kill it? Call your nearest wildlife ranger or whatever they have where you live and they will come and remove it (they do in Australia where I live anyway).

Federico™ Says:

netline32 Says:
chop the head off then pour gas on it and let it BURN BABY BURN!!

bombhaus Says:
A shovel or garden hoe or spade should work. You could also take a long stick and pin its head to the ground and then lob its head off or stomp on it with a heavy boot

Demun Says:
To quit dating her

hmm… Says:
Leave it up to wildlife authorities to killl the snake, that is if they feel it is a threat. Otherwise don’t hurt animals, it is illegal and cruel.

cassiepiehoneybunch Says:
pin the head down,cut off the body. Its only scary in your head-I’d step right on him

Alex W Says:

sunshine Says:
Grab a knife and stab the heck out of it

dark revan Says:
Is it poisonous? if it is you should call the specialists, if it isnt you should just kill it with every weapon you have at home (showel, saw, hammer. . . )

jooshwlee Says:
get a shovel and chop off the head of it. but make sure to stay away from the head because even though decapatated, depending on how poisoness the snake is, it can still bite you and release venom.

Duke Says:
Call your local pet control. . . they will remove it with no charge. . . or chop off the snake head . . . it’s your choice.

zippo Says:
Artillery, works good for them sneaky snakes!

chris C Says:
call ace ventura

dogcat2489 Says:
Why do you feel the need to kill it. Just because it is in your garden? It is probably just there to rest. Leave it alone and let it go on it way.

just curious Says:
well when ever u go to kill it, never let it escape from death, kill it to its last breath.

U can try a gun.
or u can an axe.
well one way is that when u see the snake close to u, step on its mouth. dont step on its tail. It can harm u this way.
ok. step in its mouth & then try to step on its tail. & then with the help of a n axe, cut its head off.
if you are afraid to o that, just call 911 or local emergency department. they will help u out.

true Says:
take some poison tablets open its mouth put the tablets on its tongue gine it a glass off water and wait till it dies . . . . . . . . . . . . . take a good length stick and hit it in first blow hard crush its head and then bury it deep dont leave it injured and live

preety Says:
dont kill it. . it is not there to harm u, i does not even know u r there. . snakes bite only when they feel threatened, most snakes r not very poisonous so. . get a proffesional 2 remove it from ur garden if ure so scared. .

boober_fraggle79 Says:
Killing snakes just because you don’t like them is Fuc*ing ignorant and I hope it bites you if you try it. Call the local animal control and have them remove the snake for you.

srgtibbs Says:
Please don’t kill the snake, its not there to harm you or to annoy you, hes just out looking for some food. Leave him be and he will probably be gone within a few hours, if not call someone to remove him and release him back into the wild. Snakes get a bad rap, but think of how many mice and rats there would be if we didn’t have them around.

Tony C Says:
stop being a coward.

mulie Says:
dont kill it unless it is threatening you or your family,snake stick,whack it in the neck

JadeDragonMage Says:
Most snake bites are a direct result of people trying to kill a snake, so don’t try it.

Darth Osiris Says:
DO NOT KILL IT! IT IS CRUELTY TO ANIMALS! If you lived near me i’d remove it for you. Call someone to do it. Or if your not afraid, use a stick or something else long and pin it down right behind the head. Not too hard but enough so that the snake cannot escape. Then grab it with your fingers behind the head and take it outside. I would find out what kind of snake your dealing with first though. Identify its markings, color, shape, size, etc. and look online for different wild snakes in your area. You don’t want to pick it up if it’s poisonous. In the event that it is poisonous cal your ocal animal control, and same if you cannot identify the snake. People DO have poisonous pet snakes, and they DO sometimes escape from cages.

iceni Says:
You can buy snake traps (like large glue boards) and then ask a local kid to let it loose far away from where you live.

http://www. nixalite. com/snakeguard. aspx

freakydude964 Says:
why do you want to do that. but if you insist on killing it which i suggest not you should call someone who can take it to a new home. but anyway you should get a shovel and the snake . go outside put him on the concrete and cut his head off using the shovel. try that

preacher55 Says:
Leave the snake alone. It’s no danger to you. If you’re that much of a wimp, call someone to come & catch the snake & remove it. If you still need to kill something, join the Army. Iraq is lovely this time of the year.

Beejee Says:
With kindness.

salscimemi Says:
get your gun,aim to it and shoot,dear

cc Says:
don’t kill the snake!!!If you want to get rid of it get someone who has experience with catching them, and have them relocate it.

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