Saturday, 24 August 2013

Magda once described the temperaments of five of her children to her sister-in-law Eleanore (Ello) Quandt by describing how each would react to learning they had been deceived by their spouse:
  • Helga – Would seize a revolver and shoot the unfaithful husband out of hand, or at least try to.
  • Hilde – Would collapse altogether, sobbing and weeping, but would soon appear to be reconciled if her husband expressed remorse and swore to be faithful in the future.
  • Helmut – Would never believe that his wife would deceive him.
  • Holde – Would never quite get over the infidelity, but would be too proud to reproach her husband. Finally, through the breach of confidence on the part of her husband she would go to pieces altogether.
  • Hedda – On the other hand, would give a peal of laughter and say, "Come here you rascal and give me a kiss".

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