Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The ONLY way I will hire you is if you do the following. (ABSOLUTELY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO exceptions)

Draw a VERY Beautiful Queen.
1) She must look Human!!! No Cartoons!  I want LOTS of guys to look at her and say, "I want to date her, do you know her? Where does she live?"
2) She may NOT represent any live or dead human.  Must be 100% imaginary but look human! *** I can get sued if looks like someone!!!!  So this is VERY important!!!!! 
3) She must be EXTREMELY Beautiful
4) She must be evil looking (either with the clothes or the way she looks, but still be exceptionally beautiful)  ** Hard task I know
5) You MUST video yourself drawing the Queen and give the video to me.   ** To prove you didn't copy/paste from somewhere.
6) You MUST give me a low-resolution watermarked copy of the queen to me.

This project replaces my previous project where I offered $750.

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